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Making folk music in a time of global sickness and war, TRÚ draws on traditional wisdom for their newest record. The band’s name nods to their shared heritage – the trú was a mythological trio of poet-musicians in ancient Ulster, revered throughout the Celtic world, with some believing their songs and stories came to them from the future. As such, they were considered gatekeepers to the Otherworld. Michael Mormecha, Zachary Trouton, and Dónal Kearney grew up with different musical tastes but also came from distinct cultural identities as children of the Peace Agreement in the North of Ireland. The trio has mixed heritage (British-Ukrainian and Irish Nationalist), and together, they have fostered an unusual and fruitful collaborative ethos based on respect and exploration. Join them live on July 29th, kickstarting your week with great music – bookings are available and walk-ins are welcome.

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Monday July 29th - 7pm

The Taproom Extension

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