Harry’s Bar returns to NYC

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Back in May, we popped up at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, and now, they’re returning the favor, revisiting the city where the bar itself was first built. Franz-Arthur MacElhone, owner of Harry’s Bar and the great-grandson of legendary bartender Harry MacElhone, will be stepping behind The Occasional Room bar with Laurent Giraud and Patrick Dooley on July 21st from 6pm – 9pm.

On the menu, we’ve a Bloody Mary, a Sidecar, and three Harry’s Bar creations – Rowing Blazers, West To Ouest, and Jimmy The Rose, with thanks to Rémy Cointreau. This is a walk-in only event, so there’s no need to RSVP – sláinte, à votre santé, et à très bientôt!

Event Details

Sunday July 21st - 6pm

The Occasional Room

This is a walk-in only event, so there's no need to RSVP